View of top shelves in warehouse
Credit: Photo by CHUTTERSNAP

The Trade Zone is used to facilitate the process of importing and exporting goods into the country by deferring tariff costs. Don Ambrosia, a representative of Tri-Link Inc., operates as a distributor specializing in wine and spirits for the airline and transportation sector. Tri-Link Inc. has been working with American Airlines since its inception in 1991 and continues to serve them as a client. The establishment of the Foreign Trade Zone in the 1980s by the Town of Islip was a unique initiative in the tri-state area. This zone allows Tri-Link Inc. to conduct business operations independently, eliminating the need for customs brokers and trucking companies. The company primarily employs workers from Suffolk County through local employment agencies. Their decision to stay in Suffolk County is due to the various opportunities available in the area and its close proximity to family-friendly and recreational amenities. The engagement with the Foreign Trade Zone brings forth a compelling and multifaceted enterprise within the national import/export industry.