Close up view of the White House

You’ve seen it all over the news for the last few weeks. It’s impossible to get away from, and this week we’re going to go a little deeper into the impeachment inquiry of US President Donald Trump and what this means for the tariff stalemate between our country and China, the economic superpower on the other side of the planet.

On Tuesday, Trump said that an interim deal between the White House and Beijing is ‘close’ and ‘could happen soon,’ even though he continues to tout additional tariff hikes. He has been very clear about his ‘America First’ agenda and refuses to make any deal with China that isn’t going to benefit the US, even going so far as to say he will ‘substantially raise tariffs’ should an appropriate deal not be reached. Meanwhile, Congress is convening today, for the first time with open doors, to discuss President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine and whether he violated foreign aid laws in an impeachable offense. As an American business owner, you’ve likely been experiencing some strong business growth over the last few years, shadowed by the unpredictable costs of tariffs and custom taxes. On one hand, the idea of putting an end to the Trump presidency could mean a rollback of these profit wrenching tariffs and a return to more predictable import and export costs. On the other hand, the explosive growth and business expansion that has been impacting your business over the last few years may dry up under new leadership, meaning a contracting business or potentially contracting economy. It’s uncertain, to say the least, and an unpredictable unknown for any American business owner is cause for concern when making decisions that could directly impact the profitability of your company.

One way to do this is by utilizing Foreign Trade Zones as a strategy to import and export goods to or from anywhere in the world. 

How do you move forward and make decisions in an economy that shows stability, with a White House that shows instability and in a global economy with connectivity that spreads into every facet of your business? It’s enough to make any American import and export business feel completely helpless and totally out of control. Impeachment, tariffs, recession, expansion, growth, contraction – these are terms that poison the well of your company profits and stand to pose unlimited risk to the ability that you have to grow, hire, expand and thrive.

You need to take back the wheel from these powers and give yourself the financial autonomy and decision making confidence that has been robbed from you. One way to do this is by utilizing Foreign Trade Zones as a strategy to import and export goods to or from anywhere in the world. By identifying and using a Foreign Trade Zone to import or export inventory and goods, you are putting your business in a position to postpone or reduce these tariffs and custom taxes, even while manufacturing products within these Foreign Trade Zones.

Headlines will continue to roll in, smearing world leaders and building them up. The talking heads will appear across your TV, spew agenda into your car radio and beep incessantly on your phone while you open up your business, ship goods, make new orders and pay old invoices. Your business will be there while the powers that be get voted in, replaced and usurped, and it’s up to you to build a business that can withstand these hailstorms.

Tri-Link FTZ is waiting for your phone call. Let us help you take back control, push back against these tariffs and custom taxes and build a business that can weather any political or economic storm.