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Tri-Link’s ability to establish FTZ Subzones on private premises’ can benefit companies in several ways. As a Foreign Trade Zone Grantee and General-Purpose Operator (GPO), Tri-Link is authorized to establish a Subzone if certain conditions are met and approved by the local Port Authority.

What is a Foreign Trade Subzone?

A Subzone is a single firm site designated for a special purpose, typically manufacturing, under Zone procedures. A Zone Grantee (Tri-Link) may apply for Subzone status on behalf of a firm when the operations of the firm cannot be accommodated within the existing General-Purpose Zone.

FTZ Subzone Benefits

Tri-Link can help your company reap the benefits of establishing a Subzone, such as cutting costs, improving cash flow, and expediting exporting. Here is a list of the specific benefits of utilizing a Subzone:

  • Store your in-bond goods free of duty or excise taxes
  • Export transiting goods free of duty and excise taxes
  • Store goods as long as you wish (bonded warehouses allow just one year of storage)
  • Duty and excise taxes are paid ONLY when the merchandise leaves the FTZ for consumption
  • Heightened security requirements provide maximum protection against theft
  • Goods entered into an FTZ for labeling, repacking, manipulation, or to be combined with other products (domestic or in-bond), can then be imported and/or exported to other countries
  • Items in an FTZ can be mixed with other items, relabeled, and then exported to other countries with no need for a Customhouse Broker or the payment of duty or taxes

Let Tri-Link Be Your Guide

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