Motherboard with Chinese flag on a chip

While many U.S. businesses are suffering from tariffs on imported goods, some companies are being allowed exemptions. U.S. trade law gives the president a lot of discretion in setting tariffs. Apple is one of the companies seeking further exemptions from Trump’s China tariffs.

Will Apple Be Exempt From China Tariffs?

After visiting the Apple manufacturing facility in November, President Trump is considering granting additional tariff exemptions on Apple parts imported from China. After receiving 10 exemptions in September, Apple announced that the latest generation of the Mac Pro would be manufactured in Texas “as part of its commitment to U.S. economic growth.”

Trump told reporters, “When you build in the United States you don’t have to worry about tariffs.” So, what would Trump get out of granting further exemptions? As part of his reelection campaign, he is committed to increase jobs in the U.S. The Apple manufacturing facility located in Austin, Texas could potentially provide employment to 15,000 Americans. Trump is set to make tariff decisions in December.