Female standing with hard hat inspecting shelves

There are various benefits to using a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), but companies must stay within the guidelines of what is allowed in at FTZ. Both large and small companies use Foreign Trade Zones, including importers, manufacturers, distributors, assemblers of products, and exporters of imported merchandise and/or products containing imported merchandise.

Here is a list of activities that are permitted in an FTZ:

  • Product Assembly
  • Product Testing
  • Sampling
  • Package Relabeling and Repackaging
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Storage
  • Merchandise Consolidation
  • Breakdown of shipments into separate deliveries
  • Salvaging
  • Processing
  • Destroying
  • Other Manipulation

If you are already using another Customs tariff-reduction program, such as Duty Drawback, Temporary Importation Bond, or a Bonded Warehouse, you need to consider using an FTZ as a way to streamline operations, cut down on paperwork, increase flexibility, and save additional money.

It is strategies like these that make clients reach out to Tri-Link’s help and expertise in the import/export trade. Our experience also includes all aspects of warehousing and transportation such as air, ocean, rail and truck carriers.

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